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Pumkin Spice Candle

    Wow we already approached the Autum season. One of my favorite season is this one, so I continue to look around the house and see what inspires me the most other than the nice colorful trees and the wind blowing so is the weather changes and time.
  During this time of year I love to go shopping for candles that smells so great and takes me back to my childhood and that also in a short month I have to start planning a big dinner for my family and friends.
   So this year I found this candle:

    I found the amazing Pumkin Spice from Mainstays it is a Net Wt of 11.5 oz, I bought it from Walmart at the amazing price of 3.50. Yes at 3.50 I was surprised also. It has tree wicks in the middle and the smell is amazing not to strong but good enough for the house to smell like a nice scent with a little spice .

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