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About Me



I am the Author behind Simply Butterfly Kisses. My name is Iris and I was born in Puerto Rico. As a Latina I love food from the Island.
I am also a wife to a handsome husband, mother to a beautiful daughter and a human mother to my two dogs Nana the chihuahua and Nikko the chiweenie.
                                                     I am also a Fibromyalgia Warrior That has determine not to let fibro take over But for me to live life to the fullest. I do have good days as bad days, but letting God                                                                                           guide me every step of the way.

                                                                                                                A Little bit more about me

When I first started my blog I did not know what I was getting into or how far I was going. It has been nine years and It is still my Passion as my work.
I started this blog because Of the love that I have to review stuff and let others know my thoughts and opinions. All of the opinions in this blog on the reviews are truthfully honest. Also this blog is about Life Style Blog.
(Fashion, Skincare/ Beauty, Pets as well as food cooking)
I am a person that if I have a goal I love to accomplish it. I am a go-getter and when time gets tough I don’t like to give up. I been through a lot and that is why I love helping people and letting them figure the positive in their life and how they can change things.
                                                          you can read a little more in this post
About Me-Simply butterfly kisses
Things I love: My husband, my family, dogs, photography, smoothies, christian music, netflix, fashion, writing, helping others and bloggers who support other bloggers.
Writing and blogging is a learning process which I am still learning as that every year there are new stuff coming our way.
I love the experience of learning great stuff everyday.
As I also love to put content for my readers. I still work a 9-5 job which I can’t stop working for now but wanting to make blogging my passion career and would love to travel more.
Also I am the author of A Little Bit Of Something YouTube Page and Instagram page  Shortnloved1 
Thank you for reading my blog!
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