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Tahitian Monoi Oil

 I am a person who loves lotions and anything that smells good. One day I was in Sally’s Beauty Solon looking for a leave in conditioner and my husband was in another aisle. I went to see where my hubby was and what caught my eyes this beautiful bottle, The Tahitian Monoi Oil Body Lotion!
So I kept looking at it and there were other different ones and I check them out and smelled them but this caught all my senses.

I fell right in love with it. I love the tropical smell that it has, its not overwhelming. So I bought it and took it home. The day that I wanted to use it I put some on my body and let me tell you that I was amaze, and you might ask why? Well I thought because its says oil it would be oily but that wasn’t the case.
It went smooth, not oily and it felt like a good lotion oh and let me tell you the smell is awesome (for those who loves light tropical smells).
My body felt so refreshed and hydrated, I kept smelling my hands like a little

This is what it says: Experience the seduction of warm tropical nights with Tahitian Monoi Oil, an island blend of luscious coconut and Tahitian gardenias. Coconut, known as “the fruit of life”, giving you soft, touchable skin.

                                             Yes and my body is in love with this

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