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Reacher Grabber tool

    Laughing as I know I am short, and  sometimes it’s a challenge. Even when you walk around the grocery store and you can’t seem to get the item on the top shelf.
   Sometimes you need to go and get someone to help you, well in this case it happens to me all the time at home as well.
    So I am glad to have my hubby that helps me a lot. But let me tell you, I am also extatic about the new product that I am using.

It is the Reacher Grabber Tool by Reach it and grab it.

This product is very light and it helps me to get things that are high up and I can’t reach. It makes it easy for me because I don’t have to go and get a chair to climb or call my husband so he can get me the item that I need.

Now this easy pick up grabber is not only for the use of  getting things that are high above you but also its good for things that are in too deep in the cabinets, laundry area, in your car or even picking up things from the floor if you can’t bend down to much.

Here I had my hubby open the cabinet door which is over the top of the stove! LOL

And here I have him getting me the brownie box because he wanted me to bake him some brownies. LOL

I am very pleased with this product, and most of all it comes very handy to have in my house.

If you want more info here is the link:


*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, Regardless I only recommend products or services that I use personally. All opinions are 100% my own.

All pictures are my own!

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