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Scott Naturals Tube – Free

Ok so I have seen lots of different things even weird to my amazement I had the opportunity to see ,to touch and use this new thing! what is it you say! well take a look at this…

Ok ok maybe I got to excited ! Well why not let me explain this is the new Tubeless TP from Scott Tissue. It is called Scott Natural Tube-Free. Yes you read right tube-free!
Well with the tube-free you reduce waste because there is no cardboard tube. I received this package of 4 mega rolls which I was so pleased because I had never seen or heard of a tubeless Tp unless my daughter when she was little played with the Tp. lol.
Well what I loved about this Tp was that it is very soft, its unscented which works well with me and
I didn’t have to use a lot, so that saved me on using more or to go and buy more, also its septic safe.
You can even use it on kids or to take off make-up so it works good.

Now what I couldn’t believe was that in the 4 rolls it had  400 one-ply sheets per roll! I was like SAY WHATTT! I couldn’t believe it that it was one-ply, but hey it works!

* Facts – Did you know that nearly 1.5 Million toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the U.S.?

* I Received this Product from Crowdtap & Scott as a sample also in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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