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Your Weigh Adjustable 1lb Wrist Bands

      Knowing that I love to exercise and can’t do so much of it because of  the fibromyalgia my hands can’t hold to much weight. But I still need to keep in shape some how. lol. 
      So I love that I can exercise at home with out no time limit and pause as much as I can. Because I can not hold to much with my hands I was so excited that I got the chance to use the Adjustable 1lb wrist bands. 

I got mines in black with nice pink lettering. I love the fabric it is nice, smooth and does not irritate your skin when you are exercising, and its adjustable to your size.

I used this walking in the house and also doing my work outs, including my abs, also using my resistance bands, jumping jax and toning. I was so extatic because while using these wrist bands it felt like I was doing more or getting a nice fit of exercise that day.

*You can wear these doing any physical activies. It also keeps your cores solid so it protects your back muscles from straining. It allows your body to use the correct muscles while you are doing your routine or exercises.

*Do not wear for extended periods of time.
* You can also wash them in normal laundry in cold water and hang them to dry.

I am loving these and I am going to add this to my exercise routine more and if you want more info or to try them here is the link:

*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, Regardless I only recommend products or services that I use personally.

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