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Derma Rollor 1.00mm 540 Needles

         Ok first of all let me say that I was scared at first to use this product  
because I did not know how to use it,So I did lots of research and watch lots 
of video just to get a glimps of what I had to do and how to use it. I also read 
the instructions and it was very simple. I seen that there are several types of 
Derma Roller I received the Derma Roller 1.00mm which has 540 needles. 
Now, I am not fond of needles but I know I was the one to have the control. Lol.

       I love the colors that they send me and love that the handle is very unique to hand shape so it won’t slip. What I did after preparing the roller I clean the areas where I was going to use the Derma Roller which it was on the outer side of my thighs which I have some stretch marks, now I had deeper stretch marks on one thigh and light stretch marks on the other thigh. 

     So I was glad to use the Derma Roller on both thighs to see the difference. As It is my first time I seen a tad bit of a difference on the light stretch marks and I seen a much more of a difference on the deeper ones that had a slight of a light purple color the difference that I notice was that the skin blended in and it was not deep anymore after the swelling went down. 

After that I put on some moisturizer to prevent stretch marks and I am going to continue using this product .

                                             Want more in here is the link:


I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.All opinions are 100% my own.

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