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Ozeri Ultra Wind 42″ Tower Fan

You know sometimes here where I live the weather is crazy even though its winter time! Over here hits 78 or 80 degrees and we have to put the air conditioner on while up north there is a cold front or even snow! Yayyy for the heat over here, Lol because my body can not take to much over cold weather.

Sometimes just having the AC on by its self can bring a lot of damp to your pockets! If you know what I mean! Where I live everything is electric and the prices are a little to much! So I usually put on the AC and I turn on the ceiling fans so air can circulate around the house.

Well usually I have to use also the normal box fans but I am so excited about this new fan that I got introduce too! Yess It’s the Ozeri Ultra Wind 42″  Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan!

Yess let me tell you that I am in love I can use this anywhere in my house and the air is phenomenal !

I love that it was easy to assemble and its adjustable, tall enough that when you sit on the couch or lye down on the bed you can still feel the nice air breeze.
Love the color which is grey and light grey color which matches with a lot of things.  Oh and let me give a shout out to Ozeri for involving a control with this amazing product, not only they thought of a control but also they added a remote control compartment with a control panel!! Like Say Whatt!

Now it also has a Color LCD display, which shows you a light for the remote receiver, Oscillation, moon for sleep, a tree for natural, letters that tells you the wind mode, light for wind speed which has 3 comfort settings, a light for timer and it shows you the temperature of the room, a light for the timer( hours), and a fan light for operation.
all these you can control through the panel or the remote. I love that it’s a simple but advance in technology, and knowing that sometime I can not get out of bed I can use the control.
Also I can sleep good becuase it has that moon for sleep button that turns of  the color of the LCD display!

If you would like info on it or want to know where to get it here are links, you can find it at:




*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, Regardless I only recommend products or services that I use personally, All opinions are 100%my own.

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