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Emu Oil From InstaNatural

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Emu Oil From InstaNatural-A Little Bit Of Something- this is one of the best oil for your face if you have acne or pigmentation. I have used it to put on if I had a scar and it works

knowing that I am always up to something trying to find the perfect blends or in this case oils.

I love some oils don’t matter if it’s for my hair, my body or even my face.

At this time I am really excited about this oil which is the Emu oil! You might ask why and here is my answer. Well I am excited as that this was my first time hearing about it and I had never used it!

So I had to do some research on what it was, how is it used and if its good with no side effects.

*Here are some of the uses of this Oil:
*Reducing Cholesterol
*Weight loss
*Skin and hair conditions
* Muscles and Joint problems
*Earaches and Much more.

*Here is more info:

   Honestly I love the InstaNatural products they are very good to my body and skin plus they are very Natural.
So when they ask me to try this Oil I did research and I was very excited and I said yes.

  I first tried this as a night time moisturizer After I wash and exfoliated my face I put some of this Oil on and the first time it just soaked right into my skin! There was no residue and no Oily feeling! But as of some of you know my face is very sensitive in the very dry area. So I was like wow my skin was very dry and thirsty.LOL
  Right away the next morning I saw a big difference. My face looked very clear and radiant. So I continued using it has a night moisturizer and now I only need to put a much smaller amount of oil on my face.

  I also tried it on my hair, I usually do a pre Oil treatment about once or twice a week when I can. So I tried the emu oil as a pre oil treatment on my hair and I can say it soak very good and my hair did not feel greasy at all. Also I tried it as a lock in hair moisturizer(put it on after I did my hair styles) and it was great on my hair. No greasy feeling or residue!

  With the fibromyalgia and the joint problems my fingers or getting more stiff in the mornings so as it says in the research its good for muscles and joints I also decided to try it out! No big deal because that I take a shower and do my routine right before bed, after I put on the oil on my face I just rub the left over on my hands and fingers. Now I am not saying it’s a miracle worker but it has help a little bit with the pain and also nice on my finger nails.

I have no issues with the Emu Oil or any side effect. I am going to continue using this product.

                              If you want more info here is the link:
                                  (Amazon link is a Affiliate link)



*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe is good for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own.


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