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Cell Pro IPhone 6 SPORTS Armband

Cell Pro IPhone 6 SPORTS Armband- A Little Bit Of Something- great for exercising when you go to the gym.

  ***This Product was provided by the company for testing and review                 purposes,This post may contain Affiliate links***

     loving my music sometimes in the gym, working out at home or even cleaning the house and so I don’t have to bother the whole house with my music I am glad to have one of these.

    The Cell Pro I phone 6 Sports Armband is a nice and flexible armband. I love that it has a few feature that we sometimes need. It has a key holder slot so if you go out running or jogging you don’t have to take all your keys, or even when you go to the gym.

  also in the back you have a license or a credit card holder as well. It fits snuggle on my arm and it don’t move. the straps are nice and flexible.

  I don’t have a Iphone 6 but I have a small galaxy phone and it fits nicely also I can put in my husbands Ipod and it also works very well.

here is a picture of the back of the armband..

If you want more info or wish to purchase click Here

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