Need face skin Healing? Dead Sea Mud Mask From Pure & Essential Minerals

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Ok as that I love facials and I have tried several mud mask this Dead Sea mud mask is very unique.

I did some research on this mask and I had heard so many different reviews on it, some were kind of scary but as I found out a lot of the reviewers weren’t to familiar in using mud mask.

So before I tell you the don’t and do’s on this particular mask I am going to give you my experience on it.

What I did was looked and smell the mask and because my skin is sensitive to combination skin and I heard a lot of people saying that their skin was burning and they had some redness, I decided to stir the mask because you could smell the essential oils a little strong so maybe the essential oil stays on top. 

So to get a good wrap on my face I mixed it. I put some with my trustie foundation brush that I use for my face mask and I apply a medium layer I can say that I felt tingling sensation all around and my eyes water a little maybe because of the essential oil, but it was not that bad it was just a tad. With all this I knew that this amazing mask was working on my face because you can feel it was.

So when it dried up I hopped in the shower and I wet my face first and then I took the mask off with a washcloth and it came out nice and easy, my face felt nice and clean even in the shower then I waited about 2 minutes before I dabbed my face dry with the towel. 
 My face felt so nice and clean it was amazingly soft and my face had a nice glow to it. About 20 minutes later I put on some moisturizer.

I can say that a person with sinus problems this particular mask did not flair my sinuses.


1) Don’t wash your face prior to putting this face mask on

2) Don’t pop no pimples before the mask

3) Don’t put it close to your eyes

4) Don’t stand next to any air such as fans or heat it will activate more of the essential oils.


1) Stir the mask


1) your face has no cuts or open wounds from pimples

                                                                 My thoughts

All in All I liked the product it did work and I felt the mask actually working on my face. My face did look very radiant and very smooth I didn’t need to put any moisturizer on but I did before going to sleep.Love that its cruelty free with all natural ingredients.

                If you want more info or wish to purchase click on the photo:
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*I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, regardless I only recommend product or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are 100% my own!


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