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Luxe Home Essentials microfiber kitchen towels

***This product was provided by the company for testing and review purposes, This post may contain Affiliate links***

Luxe Home Essentials microfiber kitchen towels are 15 x 25 inches in size. They are a nice size for your kitchen.

I used this towels for drying out dishes and they work very nice. The dish dried out very quick and there were no streaks at all.

I also dried out my hands and yes they also dried very fast. I love the texture of the towels and they have ridges that collects the water when passing the towel on the dishes so it collects more water then a normal towel.

They are very durable, and handy for your daily kitchen needs, you can dry your dishes, your hands, and even your counter tops.

I can say they are super absorbent and this is from someone that cleans and washes her hands for then 5 times a day and that has a drawer full of different kind of towels.
I am loving these towels and  Now I want them in a different color also.

                                   If would love to purchase them click  Here


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