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Green Earth Wok By Ozeri

*** Product was provided complimentary by the Company for Testing and Review Purposes, Post contains affiliated links***

  I am so excited to team up once again with Ozeri! I love their products and this one is no exception.

  I never had used a eco friendly pot or pan and I am loving this one. First I love that its 12” 3ocm diameter which I can fit more food or have space for the food to cook.

  It has a Ultra safe ceramic coating which is great nothing is going to stick. It is PTFE and PFOA free, No harmful heavy metals or chemicals in it, superior non stick performance that I am loving because I can even fry food in it. Also it has a durable scratch resistance ceramic as found in nature.

  Love that it has acomfortable oven safe handle a plus me if I need to put something in the oven and don’t want to dirty no other pan. The ceramic coating emits no harmful fumes this was so exciting for me  because I used it for frying some Hispanic food (Alcapurrias) and I did not see or smelled any fumes what so ever.

I have to say that they cooked very evenly and they did not burn or smelled burnt. Love also that it’s Induction stove safe. 

I was amazed also that the oil did not burn or stick on the wok. I am so ready to make chinese rice!

**To keep up with the non stick wash your pan every time after use, dry and pour some white vinegar and rub with a napkin or paper towel.**

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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