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K2R-803 Cell Phone Portable Charger with flashlight

                                            *** post contain Affiliate links***

   I am a person that is always using my phone either I am talking or just looking up stuff and even watching videos! 
   So I am glad that I have this k2r cell phone portable charger and the great stuff is that it also has a flashlight which lights up very nice and strong for those reading nights on my sofa or even walking around in the dark.

   I have been using this baby for a while and I like it a lot not only because its compact but also because it gives that extra juice to my phone. It does charge my phone much faster then some other cell phone charger. 

  I know that if my phone or any device is running out of battery I can use this one to charge it faster. 

   It has a built in protection ICs to avoid over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit. 
    Also it has 2 USB ports for more convenience

I can charge anything other then a cell phone I can charge a Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Mp3, Mp4, Gps even my bluetooth. at the same time which is awesome.

   I also love that it brings a Patented micro USB LED cable and a Patented IPhone 5 LED cable with it.
  Also it has a intelligent USB Indicator which if there is a red light it indicates that the device is charging and a Blue light that indicates that the device is charged.

This device also has a power button on the right side so you can press once to turn on for charging purposes or press twice for the flash light.

This is a great tool!

If you want more info or want to purchase click Here

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