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Need A Water Bottle? Why Not A Infuser Water Bottle

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    As I am a person who loves to drink a lot of liquid but not a lot of water I am so glad to have the opportunity to try this Infuser Water Bottle.

  I have to say that I am liking it! I have never used one before and this is very nice. I love the fact that the bottle is 24 oz and that its shatter proof with tritan material. 

 I have not let it fall yet but that is what it states. I like that the bottle top has a the top with the whole so you can hang it or carry it which is nice.

  I washed it very good and I sliced some strawberries and put them in the infuser and added water. I left it over night so the water would be nice and tasty. I love the fact that the infuser is in the bottom so the water would still infuse the fruits.

  Also you can infuse tea, or add some mint what ever you like or even if you just like water you can put ice in it. With this product you can add stuff for your diet plan and be hydrated when exercising and you know that it will be all natural so it will be good for your health.

   I also love that it came with a sports back pack that you can take with you any where you go and if you don’t have nothing to carry in it, you can put in your infuser bottle so you don’t have to carry it with your hands.

   This is the perfect bottle to take while you are joggng, walking or even at the gym.

  It also came with a ebook.

   One thing that I would change would be to add another top with a mouth piece so I can sip the water. But other then that it is a perfect product on the go. Just because of that don’t mean that it don’t work or that I am going to stop using it, No Way I am so enjoying it. Especially this summer!!

Product was provided complimentary for testing and review purposes, regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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