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B-Trek Bluetooth Speaker

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  I been wanting a little speaker since I had to give the one that I had to my hubby so we can listen to natural sounds to go to sleep.

   So I am happy to get this little speaker which I am loving this one is white, it is a bluetooth speaker and it also has a FM radio. I was surprised because the one that I had did not have that.

   It also has a one touch answer button, rechargeable and removable lithium Ion battery, A built in Mic so I can take calls for a easy handsfree function. A Aux line in and a microSD card slot that allows music playback from various sources.

   On the top it has the button functionality! It has the mode changer button, previous track/ volume down button, next track/volume up button, Play/Pause/Answer phone button, and the LED indicator.

   I have use this speaker around my house and have used it more then 3 hours at a time and I have to say that it sounds very clear no matter what room I am in. Also I used it on a call and it sounds perfectly on my end and the other person can also hear me clearly. It is very durable, it also brings a landyard and the string which you can put around your wrist so you can carry it.

   Overall it has so many great features, I got the white one but they come in different colors. It is made of a great material, it brings its own USB charging and Aux cable which is very nice. 

If you want more info or want to purchase click HERE


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