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Gosin 360° Rotating Car Mount-Air Vent Universal: Universal Mobile Phone Holder

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As that I go out a lot I need my cell phone to be where I can see it and also see who is calling me.

I have used several cell phone holders put I like this one because it is design the way that I need it.

It is a universal so you can hold which ever phone, Ipod, or GPS that you have.

I have had no problems with it at all and I can put it on the dashboard or the windshield. I love that it has a rotattion of 360 so I can also put it looking towards what ever I want to record.

This product is very durable and you can remove and reuse it without damaging your car or the product.

I have to say that with this one you don’t even have to use it in the car only you can use it in your office or your home and always put your phone on it for easy access if you are in a call using your bluetooth or even on speaker.

                                 here is a video with more info on the product:

If you want more info or want to purchase click HERE


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