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Firewood Log Carrier Tote Bag Review

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Wow I received the Grillinator Log Tote and I didn’t now what to expect but I have to say that it is a great bag. It is very sturdy and it is big, a great size to fit the logs or anything else that you like.
I am using mines for a over night bag. Once in a while we stay at my in laws and we always have to take a lot of stuff including clothes and blankets. I used this baby to store in my blankets an/or our clothes. What I love is that it does not collapse as you open it to store stuff in it. I am also thinking about using it in my car as a organizer.

Great Features:
*It stands up by itself without falling in on itself
*Multiple uses
*Fully Enclosed
*Padded Handles

*At home
*for logs
*to the beach
*overnight bag
*to the pool
*to the park in a picnic adventure
*in the car to store groceries
* many other stuff

Over all this is a great bag for so many uses and I love the thickness of it and the handles are very comfortable and nice size that it won’t hurt your hands or fingers. This company did think of us people and the many uses this bag can be for. It is a great product to have!

To all of my readers there is a special discount till the end of the month or till supplies last! here is the code (BLG1TOTE).


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