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Cocozia Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:Review

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  As a person that loves coconut oil for DIY’s to cooking I am so excited with this one. It is very good.
I love that it came in a 16.9 fl oz glass jar because I do use coconut oil a lot.

  I have seen a big difference with this one. I usually use the one in a glass jar but I had one with a plastic jar and comparing it, the one in the plastic jar still stays solid when my house is 76 degrees and this one stays in liquid form which I like.

 I love the smell it is a nice melow scent of coconut and I love that is is 100% oraganic and coldpress.
  I used this on my hair regimen with some jajoba oil and some peppermint and my hair was nice and smooth and it smelled nice as well.

I also used it on my face after a bad sunburn while fishing and it smooth and cooled my face down as it also moisturized it. My face did not itch and it did not feel dry or stiff.
  Aslo I used it as a mouth wash which a lot of people call it oil pulling and I love that my mouth felt clean and not with a bad taste of coconut oil just a slight taste which is great in my opinion.
  And the last thing that I used it for as well was for cooking, we did some nice stir chicken breast with some onions and the coconut oil.
  What I love about this oil is that it does not burn fast like a original oil and it gives a great smooth coconut taste to the chicken.
My family did enjoy the chicken.
Useful in:
*hair regimens
*body moisturiser
*homemade lipgloss
*mouth wash(oil pulling)
*homemade soap and much more.

Over all I do highly recommend this coconut oil it is a great product to have at home and very useful for so many things.

*Here are pics of us using the coconut oil with some chicken breast for dinner.*

IF you want more info or want to purchase please click HERE

*I received a sample for testing and review purposes,regardless I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers.


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