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Gurin Professional Rechargeable Flosser: Review

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As a person that has to take medications all the time I have to keep my mouth clean at all times. Especially between dentist appointments.

This is the first time ever trying a water flosser and it is amazing. The powerful jet water rinse leaves my teeth and my gums feeling clean. 

It was funny because the first time I tried it I forgot to press the off button and water flew everywhere on the walls and the

But once I got use to it is great. I love that you can slide down the water bottle to put in the water or just fill it through the hole on the top.

It has three operation modes;

I love to use the pulse more!

It also has a on/off button which is the first button.

It is rechargeable so it brings its own rechargeable cord.
Also I love that it brings two nozzles which is great.

This helps to remove bacteria deep between your teeth and below the gums. It is a great help to those that can’t use dental floss all the time or not at all like if you have braces or crowns and it removes the debris between them.

This product has work great for me.

                                                    here is the side picture:

If you want more info or want to purhase click HERE

*I received a sample on a discounted price for testing and review purposes. Regardless I only recommed products or services I use and believe would be great for my readers.


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