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Sound Intone HD850 Share music Folding Wire Headphones(with Mic):Review

                                                         ***Post contains Affiliate link***

 Sound Intone HD850 Share music Folding Wire Headphones(with Mic):Review- A Little bit of Something- Great Earphones to listen music.

                       I have to say that I am loving these earphones.
First of all I love the color it is like a light or teal blue one of my favorite colors.

These earphones fit perfectly on my head I don’t have to adjust it at all, but they are adjustable to fit your size.

I use them on my phone and I can hear the music or video nice and clearly. You adjust the volume as you desire with your device. It is a little noise cancelling depending whats your suroundings.
When I adjust the volume I don’t hear nothing around me.

The ear muff parts are nice and soft, I have had them on for hours and it does not hurt my ears at all.

It as a microphone built in and it has a remote control button that you click to receive your calls or hang up, and I did use it with a phone call and the other person can hear me very nicely and I can hear them nicely and clear.

They are very light which you can take them anywhere with you and even in the airplane.

One nice part and the part that I also love and think its unique is that it has as a sharing port. You can share music with your family or friends just plug their earphones or headphone into yours.

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*I received a sample on a discounted price for testing and review purposes, regardless I only recommend products or services I use and believe will be good for my readers.



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