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Sentey Headphones with Microphone Audiophile Headset: Review

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   I have to say that I am amazed with these new headphones from Sentey. I have other earphones from them and I really love their products. 
But this one blew my mine.

    First of all It came in a nice and sylish oval black case that you can take it any where you want.
The style of this headphones is gorgeous and unique, it is light weight even though they look heavy they are not which I love, so I don’t have something over weighing my head.

The headband is adjustable to fit my head. It is made out of cutting edge material featuring Stainless Steel metal headband and Anodized Aluminum finish which gives it this unique look.

       I have to say that it has leather ear cushion and headband which protects the ears and the head, I have to add that the one on the head feels nice and comfortable and it don’t mess with my curly hair and it does not pull my hair at all, also the ear cushions are so soft and the cups are made with half-inch memory foam.I love the way they feel on my outter part of my ears because they do fit perfect around my ears so there is no part pinching any side of my ears which is a plus.

   To our advantage they are made with a foldable design which is awesome and they fit perfectly in the case.
The morst unique part of these earphones that I am intrig and love is the  20° degree tilt and 100° degree rotation, you can tilt the ear cups to fit your ears perfectly.

    Also it brought a flexible, detachable tangle free, TPE flat cable including inline controller with universal microphone with the Play/Pause your music or Answer/Hang up a call which is great.The only problem that I found is that I have a android phone so I have to adjust the volume through my phone not with the control, as well as with my laptop but I can play and pause and also answer and hang up calls. But because of that I am not taking away any stars becuase it is not a big deal.

   I love the sound quality and it is well equalized. I can hear the other person great with no outer noise and they can hear me great when I use it on my calls also I can hear my videos and music with a nice quality sound as well.

I highly recommend this product which you can enjoy at home, the office, in the airplane and even at the park.

If you want more info or want to purchase click HERE


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