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Fé Fit Women’s Workout Program: Review

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As much as that I love to do exercise I been slacking a little not because I want but because lately I have not been feeling right plus there has been so much going on in my home.

I really enjoy having this set of exercise routine for women. Something that is not to extent and you can get so much work out in  30 minutes or less.

It helps me  get toned, or just cardio to sweat out, either way it is a nice experience.

Love that on the first disc it has a Intro to Fe Fit to get warmed up, Then It has total body which is high intensity strength training that hits every set of your muscles.

Cardio which is for fat melting, vigorous interval cardio sessions which improves endurance.

Barre 1 which is isolated exercises that contract specific muscle groups for a targeted toning.

Upper body 1 which exercises to create toned arms, back, and upper torso.

Lower body 1 which targets exercises for toned legs and firm, round butt.

Core 1 which is strength building core exercises to create a flat and sexy stomach. 

Stretch 1 which is their version of yoga with movements to release stress. 

This is a great way to stay in shape and it does not take long at all.

If you want to go by the calendar there are 5 separate workout calendars in the users guide.

You will need the following to help with your workouts:

* Sets of dumbbells may be more
*A mat
*resistance bands
*Pilates circle or ball

With all that being said it is a great work out plan and also great for a group of friends to get together and work out at home instead of going to the gym. Best of both worlds gym time and hanging out.

Also there is a disk that repeats some of all of the work out and even if  you dislike it, it works great when you don’t want to do the others.

If you want more info or want to purchase click HERE

*I received a complimentary sample for testing and review purposes, regardless I only recommend products or services I use and believe will be good for my readers.




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