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Fidget Spinner -Review in Red

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     I  didn’t know what to do with it but spin and I was like where is all the fun about.
    But then I had to go to work and sitting down I started to spin it on top of my desk and it just kept on spinning I was so intrigue that I kept on playing with it and time went on so fast with out knowing it. 

Now when I get, bored or stressed out I play with it and it does help me a lot.

 This is great for my daughter because since she was little she needs  to do something with her fingers, hands or even draw in order to pay attention.

  I know a lot of kids will take this to the extreme and not pay attention to the teachers or what they have to do but it is great for those like my daughter. It does help a lot.

Over all it is fun and very help full for those stressful and boring times.

This is is just a basic one I know they have other ones that are different colors and even light up.

At first I didn’t know what to expect. When I got it I thought it was only for kids but boy was I wrong.


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