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Where would you go for your next Vacation?

where would you go for your next vacation.-simplybutterflykiisses

Every year a lot of people make plans to go for a vacation. But some of us sometimes can’t make it. So some of us take like a weekend mini vacation that sometime help our mental state to reboot our thinking and pamper ourselves. The question is where would you go for your next vacation?


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St. Augustine

 Last year my husband and I went for a vacation to St. Augustine in Florida but we could not do a lot due that he was hurting as that he was suffering from kidney stone.
So this year we decided to go back and do some tour just to see how the other part of St. Augustine looked. I have to say we did  had a amazing time, there was a lot of tourist walking around and even on the trollies.
This beautiful coastal City is home to pristine beaches and centuries of history.
The picture on the top is Flagler college but before it use to be a hotel.
There was a lot to see but I only could take several pictures as we had to keep going to other places and time was of essence.

The Fountain Of Youth

  Before went we heard so many things about the fountain of youth so we decided to go and check it out. We went I was surprise on what we saw. So this is how it looks. I was picturing it very different but this is what we saw. 
    The most interesting thing was the story plus how many products was created by this spring water. They even allowed you to take a drink if you liked. 

 Now seeing this may me wonder so much on how easy we have it. Back in those days they had to make stuff them selves and go to long distances so they could of capture their food and hand made their plates, bowls, spoons… well you get it. In this age we have others doing the work and not realizing that others or putting in their life effort on what we just buy.

Their Kitchen

     This is the area where they use to prepare and cook the food. Very different then our lives here in the U.S or there upscale Countries. Their tent were made of Palm branches and were burned in different areas so it could stay together.
Compare on how we cook now, technology has up our lives. This makes us think how they lived their every day life.

Their Tool Making Room

  In this area was where the man used to prepare and make there tools, knives and much more. You also got to see first hand making. When we were there They were making a sword and we got to see the whole thing.
Also other then what we saw there is a fort that you can go in and they will give you a tour of the inside. Also you can go in Pirates , Believe it or not, Ghost and grave stone. I have to say that there are so much things for the family to do.
This was a great experience for my husband and I. I have to say that there is so much more you can do. We only did about 3 tours and we have not finished. 
 So the question is where are you going on your next vacation? Make this part of your New Year’s Resolution. 
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    1. thank you, as that it was a vary sunny day and I was taking the pictures with my phone I tried every way to see but these are the best I got.Thank you so much for reading my blog and your feed back.

  1. I had no idea there were so many interesting things to see in St. Augustine. You highlighted just enough to enlighten but leave it intriguing and a desire to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice pictures! I am hoping to go there this summer and thank you for giving me an idea of what it's like. I've heard wonderful things.

  3. It seems like an rarely explored place. You visited this and literally explored the unexplored. Many may travel there but few explore this place. Thanks for sharing with us.

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