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WISZEN Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headset-Review



WISZEN Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headset-Review-A Little Bit Of Something- Great green and white wireless bluetooth with in ear hooks.
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 Sometimes during the day or just in my back patio I love to feel the breeze and listen to music or watch you tube videos.
So when I received these nice looking Wiszen Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headset Earphones I was excited. I have used them listening to videos and also talking on the phone. I love how clear I can hear the other person speaking and they have said they can hear me great as well.
 WISZEN Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headset-Review- A Little Bit Of Something- Great Bluetooth headphones they fit perfect to use while exercising or just talking on the phone.
This particular earphones go around your neck and they fit in my ears great. I did not need to change the ear pieces.
One thing I would of liked is if it would of brought a clip that you can clip to your shirt. But I do have a clip from another earphone that I can use.
It lets you know on the underneath of the white area which one goes to the right or left ear. On the right side ear piece it has the on/off button and the up/down volume button as well.
It is easy to connect to your device.
Which earphones do you like, plain earphones or Headphones?
If you want more info or want to purchase go Here
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