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What Am I wearing? I Love Ari Dress

What Am I wearing? I Love Ari Dress


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This day was a very special day!

So I am going to tell you what am I wearing on this day. This day was a very special day. It was my daughters Twenty First Birthday and we decided to take her to The Bone Fish Grill. We did have a ball in that place it was amazing. I went with my natural curly hair down which I only have on it leave-in-conditioner and curly lotion. I love my hair down as that it brings my face a little thinner then what my face look.

On my face I only put on face serum and moisturizer, on my eyes I only put some eye liner (black eye shadow) and some mascara. I do not like to put a lot of stuff on my face and eyes. I have to say that it was a very hot day so we couldn’t stay out side all day.


What Am I wearing? I Love Ari Dress-Simplybutterflykisses-A beautiful dress on my daughters birthday.

My Out Fit

I whore this beautiful I Love Ari dress that comes with a string belt and a V cut. I bought this dress in Rain Bow clothing store. I fell in love with it on first sight. The material is not that thin not thick it was perfect for that special day.

The Leggings that I wore was a thin material that did not make me to hot or itchy. I have other ones that I wear and they make me itch as soon as I take them off, but these ones were perfect. I bought them at Wal-Mart.

My Shoes-

The shoes I wore was a perfect match with the whole outfit. They are four inch heels from Fioni and I had bought them a long time ago. I love Fioni her shoes are beautiful and even though they are four inch heel they are comfortable.

My Purse-

My purse is a beautiful Aldo purse that I bought at DSW. I love the shape of it, it can transform your look from going out to a business women. It has the gold stamps and gold lock with key just for looks.

I really love this set was very comfortable to wear and I could of wore it with the high heels or some flats if I was going to walk around.

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