Mixcder Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones-Review

Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Ear quality over the ear headphones

I have been having fun with my new Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Eear Headphones. They are wonderful. I didn’t expect to like them but as a earphone lover I had to try them and I am very glad that I did.

First of all the way that it looks I have to give it a 10 as that they do not look cheap. The sound quality it great and I love that it goes all around my ear very comfortable and my ear does not hurt around the edges due that it has plenty of space.

Very easy to operate and basic instruction. One of the great quality that it has is that it is wireless and it also comes with a wire connecting as well. You can adjust the volume and I have to say that when I wear them I really forget about what is around me so I am thinking of using them when I go to the gym as soon as I get well.

You can use them with any bluetooth device including computers and T.V. Very good for that person that loves to play games or watch movies without disturbing their partners.

Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Ear quality over ear headphones

My little nana didn’t know what they are but she still posed for the picture. lol


Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Ear great quality over the ear headphones

Love that they can be put like this just incase I have to put them in a bag or box to carry.

Mixcder HD601 Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Ear great quality over the ear headphones

You can adjust them to fit you as comfortable as you want.


I have had no problems with the ear area, the sound and the adjustments at all. Now my hubby wants them maybe I am thinking of giving them to him but for now I told him he can use them.


*Sync in seconds

Built-in Qualcomm aptX Low Latency technology reduces delay and improves end-to-end speed of the audio transmission, resulting in a high quality, synchronised user experience.

High quality aptX audio with a latency of 40ms when paired with a Low latency transmitter like Mixcder TR008, enjoy music, movies and games wirelessly with no noticeable lag.

Note: please make sure your device supports aptX Low Latency.


*Optional Extra Bass

With one headphone, you will enjoy two different sound modes .
You can easily switch between balanced sound mode and extra bass mode, by pressing the power button twice.
Enjoy balanced sound mode when you need a peaceful private space; Press the power button twice, you will go to another amazing deep bass world.

Note: Extra bass not suitable for all music genres.The extra bass feature just can be activated only in Bluetooth mode,up 5dB in the mid bass range(between 20-100Hz).


*Easy to Pair 

Connects in seconds to all Bluetooth enabled devices. Near Field Communications (NFC) technology allows for easy, one-touch pairing operation by simply tapping your NFC-enabled Bluetooth smart devices.


*Refined Style & Comfort

The earcups are designed to follow the general contour of the human ears, comfortably fit and reduce stress on the head. Not to mention that angled drivers offer a better audio.


If you want more info or which to purchase click here

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