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What!Super Bowl 2019: New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams

Simplybutterfliykisses 2019 superbowl

Yes It is the first Sunday of February 2019 a Family day and Church day while others go on a shopping spree for hot dogs, chicken wings and pizza for the Third Super Bowl Game in Atlanta since 1994 and 2000.

Wow while at work all I could hear is lets go Patriots I thought to myself I have not really did not set up for this game this year. First I have no cable my hubby is sick with the flu and all I can think of is I have to do my budget.(lol) But in the middle of everything I see a lot of people getting excited for this big game tonight and it makes life in a different image.

Why you may ask? Well … In all of this excitement I can hear a lot of people say what they are going to cook or buy food and have plenty of family and friends go over their houses to spend time and see the game.

To me with all this it makes me happy to see such a get together event that is not a holiday.

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Well even though I have no Idea who is going to win But am excited to see. Tomorrow I know I am going to hear all my co-workers with all their excitements and what they thought and believe what was going to happen. Also what was going in their heads while watching this big event.

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Remember The Game startes Tonight at 6 pm Eastern Standard time and Kick off at 6:30 pm Eastern Standard.



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