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Summer Is Here!


Well Last year went so quickly that I can’t say that i did much since I was working a lot and had so many changes in my life. But this year it feels right to stay fit or at least do stuff that I have not done in a long time.

I have a new pool to freshen up in the evening after work, but I was thinking in the line of being able to stay fit. What do you think?

Maybe buying some new running, or walking shoes I’m thinking. Anyways I don’t know yet what I am going to do or buy. But I will post these as some ideas for you and I.

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I like these from the style to the underneath side. Black is the perfect color that goes with any sport clothing

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Okay, wow These one just made my thoughts go back in time to my teenage years. Back then almost a lot of the kids in school had these same ones and we just had to have them.

During high school it was all about the fashion and how you were going to look. Can you say flash back. They were good and sturdy shoes.

Well well look at these ones! Love the high top. They may look good with some nice jeans just to go and play basketball. These would look nice on those dad’s that love to play ball.

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I am really liking these shoes. So there is a lot of thinking that I have to do. Which ones do you like and would love to buy?

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