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A little about how we got Selene our Sugar Glider:

Welcome back to your blog. I am glad you are here, Today you will know Selene our Sugar Glider. Selene was a gift to my husband from our daughter for father’s day.

He has wanted one for a long time and now he has one. Selene is a very active sugar glider you can hear her play with her toy’s about six o’clock in the evenings. She loves to jump to specific areas in her three story house.

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Selene Our Sugar Glider-Simly Butterfli Kisses

Selene The curious Sugar Glider

Selene is a very curious animal. I love the two different colors on her fur. she is grey but have black line from her nose to the end of her tail. Now she does have a long tail and she is still baby.

On this particular night I was playing with her. She usually gets out of her little house when it’s dark so I turn on the light and she stopped moving like if I didn’t seen her so I was flashing the lights on and off and these are the pictures I took while I turned on the lights.

Selene our Sugar Glider-Simply Butterfly Kisses
This is Selene Our Sugar Glider-Simply Butterfly kisses

Now she does know that I am there because she kept looking at me like what in the world.

She is very smart and knows her surroundings. She lets my husband pick her up and then he puts her in a bonding pouch and she looks so cute looking out to see where she is at.

Selene eating her food -Simply Butterfly Kisses

At this point she is eating her dinner. My husband made her a medley of veggitables. She had carrots, brussel sprout, broccoli and on the other side she had her treats that he cut up like apples, rasberries and other fruits,

Now on some occasions he gives her some meal worms, and other kinds of meat. These are also treats and protein that he gives.

Protein for Sugar Glider-Simply Butterfly Kisses
Treats for sugar glider Simply Butterfly Kisses

This is what PetMD had to say about Sugar Gliders:

* While sugar gliders look like flying squirrels, they are not rodents. Sugar gliders are in the marsupial family, like kangaroos. And like kangaroos, they have a pouch in which females raise their young. They are called sugar gliders because they have a fold of skin stretching from their wrists to their sides which enables them to glide from place to place when their arms are outstretched. Gliders are nocturnal (active at night) in the wild and are very social animals, living in groups of 6-10 in New Guinea and Australia. *

All in All this is her just being her.

Well thank you for meeting Selene. If you have one or know someone that does, let me know what she/he likes to eat and how good is she/he.

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