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Good Morning and welcome to your Blog. Today’s menu is Homemde Zuppa Tozcana. It all started about eight years ago when my wonderful sister took me to Olive Garden and told me to order The soup Zuppa Tozcana. Ever since that day I have been hooked. This soup is one of their popular soup that they make.

What is Zuppa Toscana?

Well looking for a little information I found out that Zuppa means Soup, a little like the spanish word Sopa and Toscana means Tuscan. Tuscan Soup.

It’s been raining a lot these two months and it has been crazy. This week I said wow it is great to have some homemade soup. So I thought of what can I make during this weather and this wonderful soup came to my mine.

As you all know I love to use my 7 -1 pressure cooker so I made a one-pot of Homemade Zuppa Toscana which is a hearty soup.It is loaded with potatoes, kale, Italian Sausage and bacon.

First I started with the bacon. I cut the bacon into little pieces and seared them with number 9 Brown/Sear for about 2 minutes. Took them out and started searing the Sausage for about 4 minutes making sure it was cooked. Then you put in the onions and the bacon so it can grab the taste and sear the onion. Don’t forget the garlic.

So now here are the potatoes that I used they are the little golden ones. Since it is only two of us and I made enough for left overs and to take to work I used the whole little bag.

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At this point I just mix all the ingredients into the pot close the lid and push the number 2 which is Soup/Stew. Then when it is done just put in the Kale leave it for 5 minutes.

What kind of Sausage?

I used the mild sausage that did not have the skin layer. You can use a spicy one to give it a little more kick or the sweet one.

Salty or Blend?

Just remember that it is up to your taste. The flavor comes from the sautee part. The bacon, sausage, onions and the garlic.

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Is This Zuppa Toscana Healthy?

Well let’s see It is Gluten Free and Grain Free and if you want you can make it Keto just sub the potatoes for Cauliflower Rice.

Zuppa Toscan Homemade-SimplyButterflyKisses
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I Really enjoyed making this soup at home and my family loves it. If you make more then enough you can freeze it for another day.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this blog if you think others would like reading it please share my link. As always it takes dedication and time to make all this for you please don’t change or alter any of my content or claim as yours. All pictures were taken by me or other wise I would state where there from and you can read that here

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