White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

Welcome back to your page. Today I was going to make White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce and told myself someone might want to make it for dinner as well. This is one of my favorite meals to make and it really taste great.

I have had this pressure cooker for years and I have used it a couple times only. Surely enough I have to say that I love it. I can just put everything in it and it makes it’s self.

You can make a lot of great meals with it especially when you don’t have time to do everything separated or you are to tired.

Alright separating the meal so you can do it in your pace. I seasoned the steak with Steak N Chop Seasoning, then I put just a little bit of Thrive Oil in the pot pressed the Brown/sear button waited for it to get hot then I put in the steak for about a minute each side. You can do this with all the steak pieces that you have then take them out and put them on a plate.


Then you switch to Soup/Stew wait for about a minute. Now you can add all the ingredients in the pot. This are the ingredients that I used. Plus onions, tomato sauce, sherry cooking wine, red and green peppers as well. I do not measure, you just put in a little bit of each I would say about spoon of the loose seasonings if you are making it for more then two people.

White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

Then you add your steaks and stir it all together. It should be smelling great by now. You close the lid and let it cook. While waiting for it to cook. You start making your rice.

White Rice

I did Two in a half cups of rice, three cups of water, a little salt, Thrive Oil and some parsley. I put it the number 6 on my electric stove and wait for it to soak in all of the water I stirred the rice, then I changed it to low which is number two. Put on the lid and let it cook for about twenty minutes. Just stir once more about ten minutes in between.

White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

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Right now your house is smelling great and you can not wait to see and taste the result of your cooking. This is how your steak in sauce should look when you open the pressure cooker. Yes looking good!

White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

The result of White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

White Rice and Steak with Red Sauce

So here is how it looks. I have to say The meat was nice and juicy it broke into pieces and my family loves that. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. If you made it please comment down below and add pictures so we can see how yours turned up. You Can add some veggies or greens on the side.

All the ingredients can be found in Walmart.

All ingredients were not measure do that you add it to your taste.

You can read the review on the pressure cooker here

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