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Taco night is one of our favorite nights. Sometimes date night can be in your own house with no other cares. My hubby and I have been doing taco night for years and everyone is special.

Sometimes is better off staying at home then going out and there’s to much going on in the world and lets not say anything about the traffic or maybe you have to sit near a bathroom or the kitchen.

This day I decided to use my instant pot for this meal. I had the instant pot for a while but always used my farberware pot because it’s a nonstick pot.

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This is how my instant pot looks :

Instant pot -
Instant pot on my date night

I am loving this Instant Pot Duo Mini.

For this recipe I used ground meat that I bought in my local store and only used half.

Taco night -

In this bowl I have all of my seasonings all together:

Taco night -

Which are: Home made Sofrito (Fresh Herbs), Garlic powder, Adobo, Onion powder, Parsly, Oregano, Sazon, Black Pepper. I also put in some fresh Onions in the meat.

This is how the ground meat looked when cooked

Taco night -
Taco night –

Then before adding all the spices I drained all of the oil so it can fully cooked with all the seasoning and it wouldn’t be oily.

These are the rest of the Taco products that we used.

Taco night -

I have to say that the Tacos came out good not only visually but tastefully as well. We layed everything as if we were in a picnic and watched a Movie.

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These were the final results of the Tacos:

Taco Night-
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Taco date night-Taco night -
taco date night – simplybutterflykisses

Everything came out good and so did the night hopefully you can enjoy your Taco Date Night and watch a good movie with your love one on date night or family night.

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You can find the Instant Pot Here

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