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Iris Negron a Influencer how she started blogging

Iris the influencer

As a person and a influencer to be, I was going to through a rough time with my health. I was struggling with Fibromyalgia and didn’t know what to do. All I wanted was to be active and not be in bed all day. So one day I was searching through the internet and my Facebook and came across with some bloggers so I kept researching and liked what I read.

How did she started:

At first I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about. So I brain storm a little and remember that I love to review products. One day I went to my kitchen and started taking pictures of my kitchen appliances and kitchen products and started blogging about how they worked and if I liked the products or not. That’s how Simplybutterflykisses started in 2014 and I became a influencer.

What motivated her to write and review while her health challenges?

My husband and I love to cook and decorate the house so every time we used something that I did not write about, I knew that it was time to review that product so others would know about it. It helped me to stay focus on other stuff and not think of the pain in my body.

What products did she reviewed?

I started reviewing kitchen silverware, appliances such as grills, crockpots, knives and other products such as hair products, clothing, and skincare products. I also starting blogging my cooking but not all the time on a video I also took pictures and blogged it with the recipe.

Now there are others out there that were struggling with their health as well and had to change their diets and blogged about how some food heals like Jennifer Wakumelo which wrote about healthy recipes and tips. You can read a little bit about https://intellifluence.com/blog/jennifer-wakumelo-influencer-spotlight .

What companies has she worked with?

I have work with Ninja, InstaNatural, Keurig, Eventbrite, BoneFish Grill, Chef and many more. It has been a wonderful journey.

What Social platforms does she prefer to use?

I prefer Instagram and Facebook for posts that are short to medium forms on these I can be more creative by writing them and can use #hashtags to get more interactions as well as cross messages through both platforms. Then YouTube if it’s a longform because they are easier to review by talking and showing.

Is there a difference now on her blog?

Yes. I love everything that I reviewed and had posted. Now since 2019 I have been blogging on the blog part time and adding more blogging in my Instagram. On my Instagram I blog about reviews, my pets, food and lifestyle. Now in 2020-2021 I am going to add more lifestyle in my blog as in YouTube.

There is so many lifestyle bloggers and lifestyle hacks from around the world and everyone of them are very different and unique that’s why I love reading about them and even watching them on YouTube and these ones are no different https://www.vogue.in/culture-and-living/content/8-indian-influencers-to-follow-for-quick-and-easy-lifestyle-hacks .

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