What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?

What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?-Simply Butterfly kisses

What are you thinking of eating tonight is always the question. I don’t know how many times my family ask me what are we having for dinner tonight.

I am a person that plans out the weeks dinner on the weekend on my planner or phone planner but sometimes what I plan to cook they do not want to eat it. So sometimes I just need to breath and try to come up with something that they would like to eat.

What do you do? Do you plan and write it down or do you just wing it?

There is night that I have to wing it. So this Sunday I made some white rice with meat loaf and beans on the side.

First I started making the rice before I started prepping for the beans and meat loaf. Why you asked because for me the rice is the easiest thing to cook first.

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White rice, red beans and meat loaf

So while the rice was cooking I prep my garnishes for the meat loaf and the beans.

First let me tell you that I don’t measure a lot of my food because I cook it so often that I don’t need to. But I am going to give you a idea on how much you need.

What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?-Simply Butterfly kisses

The White Rice

Ok so I made 2 1/2 cups of rice and 3 cups of water. I added about a little less then 1/2 of a table spoon, some parsley and about 2 table spoon of olive oil. On my electric stove top I put it on number 6 and wait till the water is dissolve then I turn the rice around and put it on number 2 and put on the lid. I wait for about 10 to 15 minutes and turn it around and put back the lid on. Then you can wait about 10 more minutes and taste to see if you like the consistency and turn it off.

What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?-Simply Butterfly kisses

Then Beans

The Beans, I do love to make the beans to my taste. I used 1 can of red beans, sliced little potatoes, green, red, and yellow peppers, onions, adobo, garlic, garlic powder, sazon ,tomato sauce and my home made sofrito.

First you add the beans, potatoes about a 1/2 cup of water. Let it boil and cook until the potato is aldente. Then add all the other ingredients.

What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?-Simply Butterfly kisses

The Meat Loaf

For the Meat Loaf I added the same ingredient that I did for the beans except the garlic and my own sofrito. I also added 2 beated eggs so it won’t crumbled up*I don’t like to add any bread crumbs*. I mixed it all with my hands then put it in a glass dish in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes, add ketchup on top let it cook for about 5 minutes.(make sure its cook if not put it back in for about 10-15 minutes.)


What Are You Thinking Of Eating Tonight?-Simply Butterfly kisses

The Final look! Yummy!

This is the final product! It looks and tasted great! I just cut two pieces of meat loaf, one cup of rice with beans over it.

Everything You Need:


Rice, Salt, Olive Oil, Parsley


Can Of Beans, Sazon, Tomato Sauce, Green,Red,Yellow Peppers, Onions, Garlic, Adobo.

Meat Loaf:

Ground meat, Sazon, Green,Red,Yellow Peppers, Adobo, 2 eggs

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