A Great Chicken And Gravy Meal

a great chicken and gravy meal- simply butterfly kisses

Is your family like mine that are always asking what’s for dinner in the morning or even at lunch time? Well may be my family goes to sleep thinking what am I going to make for dinner. I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. So on this particular day I made a great chicken and gravy meal.

I switch it up from another meal That I had seen somewhere. I am the picky eater of the family but I do love trying out new things especially in the kitchen.

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Ok so this recipe is very easy and you are going to make it in the slow cooker. This one has only six ingredients and the slow cooker.

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A Great Chicken And Gravy Meal- Simply Butterfly kisses

Now the original recipe that I watched was with chicken breast but I like the chicken thighs better so I went for it. Also it called for another chicken seasoning but I made this with the kick’n chicken seasoning for a little kick.


Now you put in the chicken then you add the Kick’N seasoning on top. After that you add in the garlic powder, the two gravy packs, the cream of chicken soup spread nicely and last but not lease the two cups of water.

a great chicken and gravy-simply butterfly kisses

Above picture is how it looks after you add in the water. Now you put it in low for about 6 hours but if you are making it with chicken breast you would leave it on for about 6-8 hours.

The bottom picture show how it looks when it is done and I mix it around. So for the chicken breast you would mix and break the chicken a part.

a great chicken and gravy meal- simply butterfly kisses

A Great Chicken And Gravy Meal

This recipe is a great to go all dump slow cook meal which you can dump all of it in the morning before work and it will be all done when you get home. I made this one with mashed potatoes and buttered sweet peas it taste great.

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Besos. Iris

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