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Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization!

Dollar tree closet organization -simply butterfly kisses

Every fall we do fall cleaning and organization in my home. This year everything was overwhelming and because of the fibromyalgia flair ups but all in all It got done. First thing tackled was the closet room then the linen closet. Thinking of easy way to organize due that it is only my linen closet so Dollar Tree to the rescue and Yes it is simple and you will get to see my Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization.

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What was the first step?

First step was to go to the Dollar Tree to find some baskets or buckets and there were these nice black baskets but there was only a few of them so I decided to get them. They are very sturdy and they are great for what I needed them.

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I love the way it looks and not only that but it made the linen closet functional. This is just a simple DIY if you are in a budget. Now I did not tag them or put stickers on them because it’s only my closet so I know where to put all of the products.

You are going to see the before picture there is a lot of hair products because of course I am also a reviewer and I use to get the products from Curl Box. As you can see there was no room for nothing. So it was time for a change.

Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization!

Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization!- Simply Butterfly Kisses

Some times you know you need to do something but as many people that suffer from chronic pain Know that we can start one project then start at another without finishing the first one or start a project and it takes hours or days in order to complete it. So sometimes a little goes a long way.

“Ok so you got to see the ugly and now you get to see the pretty.”

What’s In the top shelf?

On the top shelf from left to right I have a basket with hair caps so you don’t get your hair wet the middle one is my microfiber hair towels and the right one is all of my hair oils.

The second Shelf?

On this shelf I have the bath towels and hair masks.

What’s in the third shelf?

The left one are all of the hair leave ins, in the middle there are all the body products and the right one has all of the curl defining hair products.

The forth shelf?

On the left are all of the hair moisturizers, the middle one are the shampoo’s and the one on the right are the hair conditioners.

On the bottom floor I have all of the hand towels and wash cloths. As this is a DIY Dollar Tree project for only the baskets the regular towels and cloths that we have were used. Nothing fancy but they work.

Having Fibromyalgia is a journey so is life. Always live life to it’s fullest and make everyday count DIY ‘s are your friends. Organizing is a quest and we all can do it.

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