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Did You Say Rotisserie, Baked Or Air Fried Chicken?

Did You Say Rotisserie, Baked Or Air Fried Chicken?-simply Butterfly Kisses

Most days when it’s a working day and you go home and know that you have to do laundry or keep up with the chores you think twice about having to cook so you get out the easiest thing to cook because you forgot to take out the meat and you have to wait for it to thaw out. On this day you think do I want rotisserie, baked or air fried chicken?

Ok does it sounds about right? So as a food lover I am going to give you a little secret that I do for days like this. First I take out the chicken and I pour water in a big bowl and add about a table spoon of salt mix it and then add the chicken still in the bag. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending if it’s a whole chicken or just some chicken wings.

After that I season it then I use my Digital Air Fryer Oven. Yes you read correctly my digital air fryer oven. So today I am introducing one of my air fryer it is the 12.6 QT. XL Digital Air Fryer Oven by West Bend.

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Did You Say Rotisserie, Baked Or Air Fried Chicken?

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Did You Say Rotisserie, Baked Or Air Fried Chicken?-Simply Butterfly Kisses

So here is a picture of the inside very easy to clean and roomy for what ever you are going to cook. It is a little different then the other air fryer that I have.

I made some chicken drum sticks and they came out good. I pressed the chicken drum stick button and it took about 40 minutes which is faster then using the oven plus the big bonus is that you don’t have to keep checking them. In about 20 minutes through I turned the meat but it is not necessary.

Well as chicken drum sticks this is how they looked prior to putting them in the air fryer. I had some of my seasoning that I love and I always make little cuts so the seasoning will go in and for the meat to cook faster with no problem.

Did You Say Rotisserie, Baked Or Air Fried Chicken? Simply Butterfly Kisses

So this is how it looks prior to taking them out. Just making sure it cooked all the way.

Look how nice and cooked the chicken looks. It is done all of the way and some of the skin came out crispy and let me say it was nice and moist in the inside.

After that I waited for a while to clean it up. It is a easy cleaning in the inside also the crisping tray as well as the drip tray. You can get this air fryer at Walmart or Home Depot

The Fryer Oven Accessories

  • Removal Tool
  • Rotisserie Forks
  • Rotisserie Shaft
  • Locking Screws
  • Two Crisping Trays
  • Drip Tray
  • Manual


With six cooking functions and an extra large capacity, the West Bend 12.6 Qt. XL Digital Air Fryer oven is the multi-purpose solution you’ll use every day.  Everything you cook will be crispy, healthy, done quickly and easy from start to finish.

  • SIX COOKING FUNCTIONS – This convenient oven has the functionality to cook meals and snacks for every day and every need. Air Fry, Bake, Roast, Rotisserie, Dehydrate and Re-Heat cooking functions.
  • TEN QUICK MENU PRESETS – One touch lets you perfectly cook fries, steak/cutlets, fish, shrimp, pizza, chicken, as well as bake, rotisserie, dehydrate or reheat.
  • 12.6 QT. XL CAPACITY – Big enough to cook your entire meal with side dishes all at once.
  • CYCLONIC CRISPING TECHNOLOGY – Power crisps your food with super speed hot air circulation.
  • 75% LESS FAT IN YOUR COOKING – Get all the fried food taste without using all the traditional deep fryer oil.

*Pictures are my own except the main picture*

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