Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Stop comparing yourself to others-Simply Butterfly Kisses

Many times this year I had sat down and think about a lot of stuff. One day just scrolling through a social platform and reading some interesting posts I ran across someone’s post that they had written and they had three or four of their title names written down. Meaning what they are called and what they accomplished. (Example a business coach).

Well another time just seeing things around I felt like I have not accomplished anything in my life. You know those days and then you feel guilty because you don’t want to compare yourself with nobody but at the same time you do.

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Most parents, counselors, therapist will let kids know now and days to not compare themselves to no one.
But how does a adult listen to their own teachings and not compare themselves with some one else?

Well while doing some more research and after just looking for more information and writing down things to help me with one of my businesses. A light bulb lit up in my head when I was writing everything down. Yes you know when you don’t realize it until you write stuff down. Well to my surprise I have five names under my belt for example I am Blogger among other names.

Measuring your self against others is a course of action of the human mind.

Measuring your self against others is a course of action of the human mind, and in some ways, it can be helpful. The inspiration you feel about someone else’s achievements can rev up the motivation to improve your own life. The recognition that your abilities are a notch above someone else’s can deliver a boost to your self-esteem. But not all the time. Also comparisons can be harmful when they leave you feeling chronically inferior or depressed.

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While I was reading some more posts I came by this saying, Comparing yourself to someone else is “insulting” to you because you’re completely selling yourself short and trying to mold yourself into something against your grain. Ain’t this the truth! Many do not know or see this.

When we constantly compare ourselves to others, we waste precious energy focusing on other peoples’ lives rather than our own. Comparisons often result in resentment. Resentment towards others and towards ourselves. Comparisons deprive us of joy and our lives.

I like what Deborah Carr Ph.D said in psychology today

While comparisons can be informative, they’re almost always discouraging, because someone’s always going to end up on the bottom. A better way to figure out “How am I doing?” might be to compare ourselves today to where we were in the past, or to where we want to be in the future.

Here are two ways temporal comparisons can help us:

They help to structure our goals. Thinking about where we’d like to be in the future and comparing that to where we are today helps us to structure our goals in sensible ways. Whether we’re an adult dreaming of a career change, or a college student hoping to go to medical school, having a clear idea of what we need to do, what we have been doing, and what’s got to change can help us to take realistic steps to reach our goals.

They help us to troubleshoot.

They help us to troubleshoot. Temporal comparisons can be thought of us fact-finding missions, on which we find out facts about ourselves. Are you struggling with a two-mile run today, but sailed along a five-miler last week? If so, what’s changed in the past week? These “data” help us to isolate possible obstacles to doing the best job possible. Maybe we got a bad night’s sleep, or have too many work worries on our mind, or have an undiagnosed illness, and our run is suffering as a result. This fact-finding may help us to pinpoint problems that could have otherwise gone unnoticed, and may help us to remedy those obstacles that are preventing us from doing our “personal best.”

While trying to keep yourself going ask yourself what is your New Year’s Resolution? What can you do for yourself and walk with your head up high?

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