Lessons That I Have Learn From The Year 2020

Lessons That I Have Learn From The Year 2020- Simply Butterfly Kisses

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Before 2020 everything that we all did was a normal. You wake up do what you have to, make breakfast, make sure you feed your children take them to school then you went to work no matter if you are a stay at home mom or dad that is working as well or if you own your own business either way everything was great and it was normal.

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You see so many movies that you only thought that things that happened only happen in movies. You never thought it would really happen during your lifetime.

Well we were wrong. A little part of a movie came to happen and it took a lot for surprise. From people over buying toilet paper, sanitizing wipes, fights in the stores and many more other dramas. I have to say that the year 2020 was very overwhelm and like no other in our lifetime.

Lessons That I Have Learn From The Year 2020

One day I was in a nail salon and there was three older ladies talking about what was going on and I started to talk to them and listen as well their conversation was very interesting.

In one point I said well you know that a lot of us were too spoiled and one of the ladies said yes, and I continued and said because we never had to wear gloves and we always lick our fingers without thinking of the germs to count money also we didn’t have to wear mask because it was our normal and now we have to wear mask to be considerate to others.

I continued saying and we went anywhere we wanted without no one telling us we can’t but now we are going to be in lock down due to Covid. They looked at me and one of them said that is true and we continued talking.

2020: A Year Of Awakening Lessons

1- Never Take Anything Or Any One For Granted, The Importance Of Family

Lessons that I have learn from the year 2020- Simply Butterfly Kisses

The First thing that 2020 taught me was to never take anything or anyone for granted. I was so humble to be with my family that is with me day and night due that the rest of my family lives in other places. But we communicated through phone or social media. Which it’s not rare but at times like 2020 sometimes you which you can hold them or a least touch them.

2- Saving Money

Lessons that I have learn from the year 2020- Simply Butterfly Kisses

Even though that I am a budgeter it made me to budget more wisely. It’s more than snow ball savings and going out savings it’s about learning and knowing what are you budgeting for and getting wise on how to spend your money.

3- Self-Care

Even as that I am a Esthetician sometimes life is very hected and sometimes we don’t even have time for ourselves or we are to busy that we tend to be tired so we neglect ourselves. We tend to focus on things that sometimes is not beneficial to us. Having self-care is a priority not a privilege.

4- The value of human interaction

Even though I am not a very social person but I have to say that I do miss the interaction with others. I miss people coming over or us going to someones house for dinners or even cookouts. You don’t realize how valuable these moments are until they just can’t happen anymore.

5- The importance of coming together

 From COVID, the Black Lives Matter Movement , Not having the Puerto Rican Parade that happens every year to not being physically in church. Trying your best to take care of your family and trying to flatten like someone else said. Flattening the COVID-19 curve only happens when everyone decides to do their part.

It’s a shame that some family was doing their best to stay in lock while others partied and did not listen to do their part. We all have the responsibility to stay home, wear masks, wash hands, use sanitizer, clean surfaces, and stay 6 feet apart. Not just to protect our family But also focus that we all have to do our part to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Have you learned any other lessons from 2020? I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below!

Lessons That I Have Learn From The Year 2020!

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