What Is Your Word Of The Year 2021?

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Yes 2020 is out of the picture now that it has ended. Most are very happy that it is a new year. 2020 Was very dramatic and very heart felt. With the pandemic that happen most of us learned the hard way to care for the things or people that are important in our lives. This has been a year unlike any other I would say.

A Lot of People past away, others lost their jobs, others had to put their lives on hold. With a lot of business closing and others had to be there in the front lines.

Well just sitting and thinking I had to look back in what did I do for me and my family. I have to tell you that 2020 ran so fast that I was thinking what have I done in my life. I graduated in a course, started doing my blogging and reviews more as that I opened up my own business and even though it was a rough 2020 I trust in the Lord and I know that 2021 is the start of a prosperous and bless journey.

Well, Here it is, The month of January. Yes, another new year, but this one feels different than ever before. The things that a lot people went through together in 2020 have changed us, shaped us, challenged us, broken us, healed us, and transformed us into totally new people than we were at the end of 2019. 2020 was the year of life change – big and small.

What Is Your Word Of The Year 2021?

We have learned that the little things that a lot of us ignored are the best things in life. Love, Life, Family, Friends are most of the words that are imprinted in everyones heart.

While searching I found a website called DaySpring which is a gift store but they asked this- What if you replaced your resolutions with truth from God’s Word? What if you chose to focus on this one theme all year, helping you filter decisions, calm emotions, and face each day with resolve? God’s Word serves as a reminder of His truth in your life and inspires you to live your faith each and every day.

It touched me in a very unique way because my word of the Year is Focus! In the Webster Dictionary it means:

Focus Noun:

A center of activity, attraction, or attention. A point of concentration. A state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding. I love this one, a adjustment for distinct vision.

Focus Verb:

To cause to be concentrated, To come to a focus.

This year I decided to have my word focus and a resolution. As that I could not focus so much in 2020 I felt very disorganized, I felt out of place had a lot of brain fog and uneased.

So 2021 Is a year that I am going to focus on my family, my job and How to continue doing everything that I do as a Entrepreneur.

  • Focus on my families needs and having a great life with them.
  • Focus on my job that I love and market more to get more clients.
  • Need to Focus on being a Entrepreneur by marketing, reading and listening to Pod Cast on the subject to get better and learn more.

So we all know that life is not easy and it can be a challenge but it does not mean you can’t follow your dreams and focus on your priority as well as your goals. Always know not to compare yourself to others.

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Focus is a great word so try to focus on things that will go around the focus word. So this is my word of the year What is your word of the year 2021?

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