The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway

The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway

We all know that laughter is great in our lives. Mostly because of everything that is going on now we all need some kind of fun or a funny movie to watch.

I really enjoyed watching this movie. I could tell it’s all about balance and how we the people sometimes see things. In this century there is many ways to think and people get confused in the middle of their paths, but there is always a way to get focused.

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I saw how Michael Monks ( The Pastor) was trying to deal with the new century way to get the truth out there. But he was trying hard to get people to listen that he lost focus of the right way.

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The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway

The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway-Simply Butterfly Kisses

Thor Ramsey (Youth Pastor) wanted to lead the people the right way which is in the Gospel but he was scare that most just wanted a idol and didn’t listen on what he was teaching.

The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway-Simply Butterfly Kisses

There are so many ways and paths that this awesome movie made sense in different areas of thoughts that people think and walks.

Stephen Baldwin (Chad) was great in this movie. He did his part and makes a a thought or a action change.

The Church People

The Church People is a heartfelt and laugh-out-loud comedy film, The Church is the story of real people with real struggles and their unique paths to discovering what faith in Jesus is all about. It all starts out when “America’s Youth Pastor,” Guy Sides, realized he’s stuck in the mega church marketing machine and wants to find his passion again.

But when Guy attempts to get back to the heart of ministry, he is force into the intense of persuading his out of touch church leadership from performing a strange and potentially blasphemous stunt for the upcoming Easter service while navigating his own personal problems. 

Also the Church People exposes the crazy heights some people will go in the evangelical subculture while revealing God’s abundant grace through a severely saving point.

You would not of thought of how the ending of the movie ended. It is a great movie to watch! We also have Dolphin Island-2021 Giveaway till 3/6/2021.

What do you think is the Gospel Enough? Here is a discussion guide.

Watch the Tailor

Good News we are have a Giveaway of this fantastic Movie!

The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway

The Church People Movie -Review and Giveaway

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