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The Best Muscle Massager Gun

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I can’t believe that Summer is already here, which means working overtime to save money for your vacations and also it’s that time of year which we all remodel our home, the yard, and even mow a few times a week.

Sometimes we have to do what we have to do! That’s for sure. Why do you say this? Well, let me explain that most of us that can’t do a lot still do the things that we can’t. I am talking about muscle ways and lifting.

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The Best Muscle Massager Gun

Roffie Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Massager

We are talking today about the Roffie Massage Gun. I have not had a massager like this ever. It is very different and it works great. The Roffie Muscle Massage Gun is a handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Relief Massager and it comes with four heads. It is a Portable Personal Massage Gun for Exercising Pain Relief, which is great very convenient to carry around.

Where can you use the massager?

You can use it:

  • At home
  • At the office
  • In your yard
  • On your vacation trip
  • At a sports trip
  • and anywhere that you travel.

What is great is that this device provides the USB C Cable, and you can connect the USB C cable with the charger(advice input voltage and current are 5V 2A), computer, and power bank, and it will help you charge your massage gun. This massage gun will shut down automatically after running for 10 minutes.

Roffie Massager- The Best Muscle Massager Gun

A very important tip!

When using the massage gun, each massage part should not exceed 30 seconds, otherwise, it is easy to cause muscle pain. Also, this massage gun cannot be used on the head, the part of bone protrusions, etc.

18 DAYS LONG BATTERY LIFE– The battery of the Roffie Massage Gun is 1600mAh, working time is 180min. When fully charged, if you use it for 10 minutes a day then it can last for 18 days, and do not need to charge the massager.

What can this massager do?

The massage gun can help muscles recover faster, reduce muscle pain and lactic acid build-up, improve range of motion and flexibility, encourage blood flow, and more. The powerful massager is suitable for everyone from professional athletes to recreational gym-goers to those with chronic pain.

The Four Massage Heads

massage gun roffie

Is The Roffie Massager Approve?

Yes the Roffie massage gun is approved by CE and RoHS.

Other Information:

  • When the battery is used up for the first time, it needs to reach 15% of the battery before it can work normally. It takes about 30 minutes to charge then the power light will display and the massage gun can work.
  • Massage Guns’ material:
  • Shell: The shell is ABS
  • Massage heads material:
  • The material of the hard head is: ABS, (the other three heads except for the round head)
  • The soft one is: silicone (round head)

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