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Limm Sport Armband

Iris / January 4, 2015

     Usually when I do exercise at home I put on youtube on my phone or I even put a video on the computer. When I am at the gym I usually have to put my phone on the machine just to listen to music, So I am excited that I received the Limm Sports Armband. I like that…

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Reacher Grabber tool

Iris / December 31, 2014

    Laughing as I know I am short, and  sometimes it’s a challenge. Even when you walk around the grocery store and you can’t seem to get the item on the top shelf.        Sometimes you need to go and get someone to help you, well in this case it happens to me all the time at…

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Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum & Youth Express Vitamin C Moisturizer

Iris / December 29, 2014

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100% Pure Argan Oil By Foxbrim

Iris / December 27, 2014

    While knowing that this week was a holiday week I knew that I had to wash my Hair, you know to look nice for family and  friends! lol Well maybe for me too! Anyways I didn’t know if to leave it curled, straighten it or put it on a bun so it took me awhile.     So…

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