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Is 2021 The Year Of A Brand New You

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Iris / January 11, 2021

Just sitting down thinking of every year I read and looked by scrolling down the FaceBook platform and seeing peoples pictures on how they are going to start fresh and make loosing weight their new years resolution. But I see that a lot of them don’t get to do it. Every year a lot of us make New Years Resolution…

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Are You Still Waiting For That Great Sale?

Are You Still Waiting For That Great Sale?-Simply Butterfly Kisses
Iris / December 31, 2020

Christmas has ended and now the new year is approaching and you want to look different and live a different way for the year 2021. Now you need new shoes and new clothing to become a different you. So What about the reebok sales? Have you heard if not here are a few things that are on sale. This post…

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Do You Need A Cool Down?

Iris / May 29, 2015

***Post contain Affiliate Link***  Ok so I am having fun with this new cooling down Forever cool cooling towel. It is very different then a original towel but it does work. I have used it after my exercises and it really cools me down.  I can use this even on hot days around the house or after doing yard work…

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Cellucor C4 Pre-WorkOut Explosove Energy

Iris / May 6, 2015

***Post contains Affiliate Links***    As a lot of you know I am always looking for good products to improve my workouts on days that I can.    I have to say that this product has been a great product for me and my husband. This is the Cellucor C4 Pre-workout Explosive Energy with Creatine Nitrate.    My husband loves…

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Pure Premium NO2

Iris / March 18, 2015

  Even though I work out the bottle states that its a male dietary supplement so my husband that works out at least 5x a week has been taking them.   he says that this product does give endurance, helps you workout longer then usual it does enhances the recovery time and does not make you fatigue and you won’t…

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Need Energy? 14 Day Detox Tea

Iris / March 7, 2015

     While that I have to use medication every day and it is also depending how my day goes or week went, my body is sometimes without energy, I get bloated because of what eat or in some cases can’t use the bathroom regularly. So I was very happy to try out this 14 day Detox Tea to see…

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